Personal Learning Challenge

For my personal learning challenge, I intend to learn some useful cooking skills and different famous recipes of traditional Chinese dishes. In my opinion, cooking is one of the most useful and effective personal skills for people to know and learn more about. As an international student who comes from China, I feel very interested in learning how to cook traditional Chinese food as well. In my opinion, learning cooking skills can not only improve the quality of my life, but also can help me to save a lot of money on eating Chinese food in restaurants.

The main learning approaches I plan to use is to watch YouTube videos, follow and use cooking app, and practice the recipes by myself repetitively and weekly. Watching and following tutorial videos on YouTube is also one of my favorite learning methods to learn knowledge or skills on my own. From the article, “Learning – the Neuroscience and the Neuromyths”, the author describes that it will be much more useful and effective for learners to use their preferred and favorite learning styles to learn knowledge (2019). Also, in this article, the author outlines and states three main processes our brain will go through to learn new skills, which are about encoding, consolidation, and retrieval. I plan to follow all the three processes in my learning challenge as well. For example, encoding is about “incoming stimulus converted into a ‘memory trace’” (2019). In my learning challenging, I will use cooking app and YouTube videos to search and find the recipes of traditional Chinese dishes that I feel interested in directly. Then, I will connect my past cooking experience with the new recipes I have found to learn and store new cooking skills. This is in the process of consolidation. Based on the article, the retrieval process means “drawing on memories in new situations” (2019). After I learned new cooking recipes, I plan to spend more time practicing each of them and invite my friends to come and give me some suggestions. I think I will learn a lot from cooking experience, suggestions, and failure. Assessment of my failure or success in this challenge will be relatively easy and simple. I will either succeed in cooking delicious traditional Chinese food and follow the cooking steps correctly, or I will fail to cook and try more times.


Learning – the Neuroscience and the Neuromyths. Retrieved from:

App: Kitchen Story.




Hi everyone, my name is Xue Wang. I am an international who is from China. This blog is created and designed for course EDCI 335 in Uvic.

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